Samantha Lyman Interior Design Studio
Samantha Lyman
A deeply intuitive sense of beauty, balance, and scale inform Samantha's passion for exceptional design. She begins with a foundation of classical principles and integrates modern elements to create a fresh aesthetic. A logical approach to architectural solutions and clear artistic intentions are apparent in each of her well-edited designs.

Although relaxed modernism is the signature of SL:ID STUDIO, Samantha is fluent in several styles and periods. Projects evolve from a clients' personal vibe, the architecture and the site itself. With the end result in mind, Samantha composes a plan infused with visual chemistry. Her keen sense of color and clever sourcing of unique items have solidified her reputation among clients who wish to create a distinctive, original home.

Samantha's most successful designs facilitate a well-lived life in an intimate, unpretentious setting. Working alongside architects, builders and artisans throughout the course of a commission, she ensures that the vision shared between client and designer is realized in detail: Surfaces and finishes are both tactile and beautiful. The warmth of a timeless antique may soften a spare, modern space. Layered lighting anticipates the arrival of a treasured painting and comfortable furnishings. Finally, an element of humor and the unexpected lends levity to a tastefully arranged space.

Samantha studied journalism at NYU and launched her career at fashion magazines in New York. This early experience continues to influence her work today. She later trained at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and honed her skills over a decade working with residential design clients in California, New York and England. She now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband Douglas and daughters Isabella and Daphne. Samantha founded her self-titled studio in 2005.

Samantha Penman
In the execution of a well-designed home, there is a place where creative vision must hand off to clear execution and fulfillment. At SL:ID STUDIO, this process is streamlined, accurate, and transparent. As each project progresses, Sam Penman's fantastic organizational strength is the key to this internal shift. She understands that thorough research, accurate pricing, and prompt accounting add value.

Construction documents, estimates/purchase orders/invoices, and expediting delivery are not mundane. They are critical. Sam executes each design phase with the utmost professionalism.

A graduate of Australian National University, Japanese Linguistics/Cultural Studies (Honors), Sam comes by her globe-trotting honestly: She hit the runway and never looked back. As a multi-lingual flight attendant for Qantas, Sam spent six years and incalculable hours scouring the open-markets in Africa, South America, Europe and Australasia. In addition to the business structure she implements at the Studio, Sam brings a refined eye for the exotic as well as extensive exposure to contemporary design which is so coveted abroad.

A Sydney native, Sam's subsequent professional experience to travel included a critical position at Australia's premier early-childhood education provider as Purchasing Manager for Construction and Facilities. In this capacity, she was able to bridge the gap between client-services and interior design. Sam now lives in Marin with her husband, Geoff, and son Jethro. She became a limited partner at SL:ID Studio in 2007.